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Hurgada is also known in Egypt as Ghardaga, 35 years ago, was a fishing village, but now is one of the biggest Egyptian tourist destinations. Hurghada with more than 35 km of hotels along the beach, can satisfy every visitor, from scuba divers, windsurfers to beach lovers. Beutiful underwater coral gardens around Hurghada are some of the finest in the world. The sandy Hurghada beaches invite us to relax in peace and to sunbathe. Traditional cafes and restaurants can be found in the centre of Hurghada. Hurghada is also a convenient base camp for trips to Cairo, Luksor and Asuan. The warm waters in Hurghada are ideal for windsurfing, sailing, swimming, deep sea fishing, but above all, snorkeling and scuba diving. Hurghada has many fine accommodations. Hurghada restaurants are mostly along the main road. Hurghada is the biggest tourist resort of the Red Sea coast and international center of aquatic sports. Hurghada is called a party town, as life begins at night. Hurghada counts 60.000 inhabitants living in three parts: Dahar (north Hurghada), Sakkala (central modern Hurghada), Village Road (South, new part of Hurghada) Hurghada

Hurghada orientation

Hurghada counts 60.000 inhabitants living in three parts:

Dahar (north Hurghada) sometimes called Downtown is the oldest part of Hurghady. It is a good place for a walk and to visit the old bazar

Sakkala (central modern Hurghada), Modern central part of Hurghada. In this area there are many pubs and restaurants. Sakala is the best place for shopping. Here you can also find duty free shops here (to buy alcohol 48 hours after arriving in Hurghada) and many souvenir shops.

Village Road (South, new part of Hurghada). It is mostquiet part of Hurghada is many hotels far away from the city center.

Transport in Hurghada

There is no typical public communication in Hurghada but transportation in Hurghada is very easy. Transport is provided by white minibuses (full of Egyptians), running every few minutes, bus fare (4 LE). Also in Hurghada is many Orange color taxis.  In orange taxis normal start price is 5 LE and 5LE per 1 km). Orange taxis have a meter but driver not always turn it on.

Diving in Hurghada

Hurghada is Egyptian biggest tourist destination.. Hurghada is a modern Egyptian resort attracting diving amateurs. Hurghada offers a clear and warm sea with fabulous coral reefs having no equal in the whole world. Egypt and the Red Sea coral reefs attract diving enthusiasts. Hurghada, thanks to its location among about 50 coral reefs, is one of the best diving places in the world. The high salinity of the Red Sea causes the visibility underwater to reach up to 40m. In Hurghada you can find about 100 diving centers. Diving is a very safe sport, provided that you abide by safety rules. nurkowanie

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